Impeachment, What Does It Really Mean?

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Today is the day that the House is going to vote on impeaching President Donald Trump. It seems like there is a lot of excitement around this impeachment. However, it seems like there is a misconception around this and I wanted to help you understand, what is really going on. If you are cheering about the impeachment because you think Trump is gone, you will hate this article.

The History

In U.S. History, there have only been two presidents that were impeached, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. After the proceedings neither were removed from office. The house was gonna start the process against Nixon but he resigned before they fully got into the process.

The Actual Process

So the actual process is a Judicial committee brings inquiries and then House of Representatives vote for or against impeachment. The actual impeachment process is to decide whether or not they will bring charges against the President. If the House is able to get enough votes for impeachment, then the President will have to stand before the Senate to the charges the House voted on during the impeachment processes. Basically, the Senate will bring the case against the President. The case brought against the President would be political in nature and not criminal. This means there would not be any jail time related to these charges if found guilty.

What Happens Today?

Basically, The House of Representatives will vote today to decide whether President Trump will have to face charges in the Senate. After today, he will still be considered innocent of the charges. He will not have to leave office, resign or anything else that will negatively impact him. He will only find out if he has to stand before the Senate and defend the charges brought against him.

What’s Next?

So if the impeachment occurs we will be looking at months if not years of hearings about the charges that the President is being accused. The President would be defended by his personally chosen attorneys. If I had to guess, he will finish his term through 2020. If found guilty, the Senate would decide whether President Trump would be able to hold Government office in the future.

Hopefully, this will help more people understand what happens during the impeachment process. If you like this article please make sure to hit the ❤️ at the top or the bottom of this article Also please share it with someone who needs a better understanding.


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